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Sharif University of Technology Services Complex



Name: Sharif University of Technology Services Complex

Location: Sharif University, Azadi street, Tehran, Iran

Architecture Firm: Panah Group Co. []

Architect in Charge: Behnam Miranian

Design Associates: Dara Amiri, Elnaz Seyed Bathaei

Other Design Team: Pedram Moghadam, Mohammad Noghani, Ronak Nouri, Hamid Kazemian

Date : May 2013-January 2014

Site Area:  1800 sqm

Built Area:  3500 sqm

Initial usage: Storage and workhouse

Building Type: Office Building, Interior Design

Structural Consultant: Bastan Pol Co.

Mechanical & Electrical Consultant: Khosroo Fat'tahian

Executive Company: Building & Installation office of Sharif University

Executive Company for Partitions: Far'Azin Company

Photographer: Behnam Miranian


  • Usage: Sharif technology services complex built to establish a place for research teams such as Danesh bonyan corporation and industrial office relations. This establishment is mainly a research and office facility.
  • Structure and installation :warehouse steel structure was existed at first,we add another floor with steel structure to the project . we decide to change the initial  water cooling system with brand new air conditioning and keep the old power house.
  • Range of interventions: Add new floor ,new entrance and façade ,skylight.


Building condition before reconstruction

This warehouse used to be  work house for university courses ,over the last few years they evacuate and use it as storage or a place for periodic exhibitions With the advance of technology and widespeard of technology in particular IT throughout the socaity and use of social networks and on the other hand development of the smart phone and their synchronization and formation of sharing space in virtual world we witness a big evolution in our every days life. Sharif technology services complex located in center of the Sharif university those old warehouse was built in pre revolution era in 2 stories and area of 3200 sqm ,they used to be work houses and storage  and they made an inappropriate space in center of university ,to establish a place for research teams, industrial and technological relation offices the building went under redesigning and reconstruction for 8 month.


Concept: Work cloud space

Work cloud space is inspired by virtual cloud with one small difference ,virtual cloud is for sharing in any scale throughout any device for any information ,however in work cloud space due to administrative hierarchy we need to separate the space due to purpose and scale.In design of this complex depend on type of activity we define a work cloud space ,each of management, experts and services have their own space for sharing their thought and ability within they own group.Also in defining the spaces we consider other scale too so later on they can divide, samllen or biggens the space due to there needs ,this can be an advantage for office spaces.

Nowadays due to importance of workspace it should be equaly good as living space in desining this complex we give an especial consideration to public places.Add public spaces throughout the complex such as café restaurant and resting places to improving the work space has been considerd


Design Considerations

This this is the list of requirement provided by employer for sharif technology services complex.

  • This complex located in the heart of the university due to direct connection between the university and the purpose of complex on the other hand useless space transform to highly activated and highly commuter place. 
  • These technological offices are usually very floating ,so we provide the means for them to grow expand and merge with other office throughout the space.
  • These new business offices need the minimum startup space for operate but this characteristic  must not be accounted as a weakness .when walk into this building u will see them as one big corporation which has many subsidiary.
  • Becuase of diversity throughout these offices we design variety of spaces with different characteristics like types of management offices (small and big management areas, by management area we mean the core of the office which the minimum area for start an office),expert area in 2 types, gathering and solo area which if provided in small and big sizes ,meeting area with different dimensions ,service area (server room ,sanitary,…)even open public spaces have different type types and designed in formal and informal types to held meeting and serve as a resting or dining place.
  • For improving efficiency and also because of diversity of activity in one complex we use cloud computing concept ,we provide a work cloud dedicated to complex for every one to share information and help other offices in progress.
  • By using transparent walls and arranging the offices in a way that having privacy of their own they ca keep the visual connection ,it can help to synchronize and improve team work throughout the offices and also help transform the complex to one big active and dynamic office space.
  • Unlike the previous building we use transparent material in façade we made a powerful visual connection between inside and outside ,beyond that this complex is a representation of the developed area of the university ,the powerful physical and visual connection with university can have good impact on both cultural and social aspect of the building
  • By providing public spaces in open front &mid parts of the building and also in hallway on the first floor in both official and unofficial capacity ,interactions between offices and with other part of the university can be provided and can satisfy other needs of the complex.



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