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Nasrollah Khan Parangi

Nasrollah Parangi Nasrollah Parangi |

Nasrollah Parangi (Nasrollah Khan Parangi) was Born in Mashhad, April 1st, 1934. Nasrollah (“Nasser”) Parangi passed away peacefully on December 28, 2019 in his home in Newton, MA at the age of 86.

After graduating from the University of Tehran with a bachelor’s degree in architecture, Nasser’s talent and passion lead him to continue his studies abroad at the world-renowned University of Florence, Italy. With his PhD in hand, Nasser returned to Iran where he and his wife set roots raising their three children in a lovely home created with his own unique architectural design. He established a successful and well-respected architectural firm in Tehran. During his architectural career, he designed many hospitals and rehabilitation centers, schools, buildings and homes. As a well-known and revered architect, he was selected to be a member of Iran’s Architecture Pride Worthies Foundation "AMMI".

- MA in architecture from University of Tehran, newly established Faculty of Fine Arts, 1963 (first graduates)
- PhD in architecture from University of Florence with honors, 1965

- American Institutes of Architects
- International Federation of Hospital Engineering
- Iranian Society of Engineers
- Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers
- Managing director of Parangi and Associates Consulting Engineers
- Manager of the Engineering Services for the War-Disabled department - Parangi and Associates Consulting Engineers
- Member of the board of trustees of the Iran Architectural Pride Worthies Foundation

Previous Jobs and Responsibilities
- Instructor at University of Tehran, Faculty of Fine Arts
- Assistant lecturer at University of Florence, Institute of Urban Planning, 1964-1965
- Associate professor at Melli University, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, 1965-1971
- Managing director of Parthia Consulting Engineers, New Jersey, USA, 1982-1987
- Projects consultant at International Forum, USA, 1982-1987
- Managing director of Parthia Consulting Engineers, Iran, 1965-1997

Association and partnership
- William L. Pereira and Associates, USA
- Josic Consulting Engineers, France
- Motocolumbus Consulting Engineers, Switzerland
- Welton Becket and Associates, USA
- Managing director of Janbazan Consulting Engineers
- Managing director of Parangi and Associates Consulting Engineers, 1965-1997

Professional Activities
- The Iranian National Oil Company stand for Iran's International Exhibition
- Shahr-e Farang and Shahr-e Ghesseh Movie Theatres
- Document Archives, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tehran, Iran, 1967
- Agricultural Village, Takht-e Jamshid, Shiraz 1968
- Agricultural Village, Sanandaj, 1968
- Day Social Studies Center, Soleymanieh, 1968; Mehr Abad and Kermanshah, 1968; Sabzevar and Shahrud, 1970
- Day Rehabilitation Center, Tehran, Tabriz, Sari, Kerman, Ahvaz, Bushehr, Esfahan, 1971-1976
- Bandar Abbas Industrial Vocational School, 1972
- Tehran Rehabilitation Hospital
- Iran Blood Transfusion Organization
- Teachers Training Center, Sari, Rasht, Mashhad, Kerman, Ahvaz, Esfahan, Shiraz
- Master plan and detailed plan of Bam
- Karaj Mental Hospital
- Marlik Rehabilitation Village, Karaj, 1973
- Faculty of Sciences and hospital, Iran Medical Center
- Number 5 Hospital and Nursing School, Zhaleh Ave. Tehran
- Reza Hospital, Mashhad
- Doctor Shari'ati Hospital, Karaj
- Residential complexes, Tehran and Bandar Abbas, 1976-1978
- Planning and design of Safa Shahr, Esfahan
- Razi Center for mental patients and drug addicts, Mashhad, 1978
- Villa in Italy, 1981
- Restaurant in California, 1983
- Physician's building, New York, 1986
- Residential complex and public and sports facilities, Tehran
- Specialized hospitals, Tabriz, Mashhad
- Rasht Cultural/Sports Complex for War-Disabled Veterans
- Rasht Polyclinic
- Sari Polyclinic
- Zafar Therapeutic Center (hotel and clinic)
- Ardabil Rehabilitation Center
- Sanatorium for War-Disabled Veterans, Tehran
- Studies for the Tabriz Multi Use Project
- Rasht Cultural Center, 1992-1993

- Sarakhs Economic Free Zone, 1992-1998
- Payam Airports Special Economic Free Zone

Master and strategic plans:
- Tochal Cable Car
- Niazev town, Ashgabat, Terkmenistan
- Vakil Abad Complex, Mashhad, Iran
- Minsk Free Zone Logistics Center, Belarus
- Spinal Cord Injuries Hospital and Iran Medical Center, Tehran, 1976

Published Work and Other Activities
- An Examination into Standards for the Disabled, author
- Painting and photo exhibitions, Iran and USA

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