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Amir Bani Masoud

Amir Bani Masoud Amir Bani Masoud

Amir Bani-Masoud was born in Urmia, Iran. Now he is living in Canada. He is a specialist in Iranian contemporary architecture. Studying architecture at IAUT and then McGill University, he was a faculty member at IAUT (1997-2018). He has also lectured and served as a visiting professor at several universities.

Bani-Masoud is the author of numerous articles published in major periodicals and books.
His book Iranian Contemporary Architecture: An Inquiry into Tradition and Modernity (Honar-e-Memari, Tehran, pp. 552) won the 9th Course of Award of Season Book in 2009 and the Dr. M. Mozayani Award in 2011.

Later books include:
- Contemporary Architecture in Iran: from 1925 to the present, 2020, pp. 154
- Architectural Theories: Fourteen Key Writers from Antiquity to the Present, Honar-e-Memari, Tehran, 2019, pp. 265
- Tabriz Historic Gardens, Cultural Research Bureau, Tehran, 2011, pp. 120
- Western Architecture: Roots and Concepts, Honar-e-Memari, Tehran, 2010, pp. 416
- Post Modernity and Architecture: Intellectual Trends of Western Contemporary Architecture, Khak, Isfahan, 2007, pp. 396
- A History of Western Architecture: from Ancient to Chicago School, Khak, Isfahan, 2004, pp. 276




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