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Reza Sayadian


Reza Sayadian and Sara Kalantary [ A couple Architects ] graduated at the Central Branch of Tehran Azad University and since then, they have taught Design at the same university. They've won a great number of National and International Competition in consecutive years. Their experience results from working on a variety of building types. As an architecture they have gained valuable expertise by being involved in all aspects of Office Management and Project Delivery from Developing, Programming and Conceptual  Design to Project Management together.  Their focus on the years of 2006 to 2012 has been on the Dynamic Facade & borderless which came to a master piece in their latest project "Daniel Apartment”.



 Winner of The Chicago International Architecture award in 2012 for The Best New Global Design, Daniel Apartment
 Winner of the first place, 4th Iranian Interior Design Award, For Daniel apartment
 Finalist OF World Architecture Festival in 2012, Daniel apartment
 Honored of the Memar Magazine's award in 2011, For Dastoor Project
 The Recipient of Honorable Mention of Memar award in 2009, For Amir Kabir Entrance


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