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Nezam Amery

Nezam Amery Nezam Amery Mehraz online magazine

Nezam Amery (Ameri) was born in Tehran, October 1926. After completing his primary education in Iran, he went to the United Kingdom to receive a diploma, and after a while he went to study in the United States. At first he studied art at Kent University in Ohio, and later became interested in architecture.

His acquaintance with Frank Lloyd Wright began in the first year of his studies in architecture by visiting Wright's works in the university library (Note: perhaps by reading books or magazines about his works). Nezam Amery graduated from university a year earlier so he could join Wright's School as soon as possible. As he puts it, he had a difficult interview to enter the Taliesin school. According to him, Wright did not accept the academic degrees, so the interview was conducted without regard to his degree.

After an interview, 85 years old Frank Lloyd Wright accepted him as his student, and after spending 2 years studying in Taliesin school, Wright enlisted his (Ameri) help in designing the Guggenheim Museum and Wright represented Nezam Ameri as his representative in the Middle East. Wright because of his interest in Nezam Amery, designed a private home for him (N. Ameri), which has been unprecedented among Wright's students.

After spending two fruitful years with the American-style owner architect (F.L. Wright), Nizam Amery returned to Iran as the only Iranian student of Frank Lloyd Wright, and his professional activity started by design and build a house in the north of Tehran for Dr. Siavash Shaghaghi. After that, in 1961 (1341 Solar calendar), he established his architectural office in collaboration with Hormoziar Khosravi and Kamal Kamoneh which resulted in the implementation of more than 90 projects in Iran. He returned to London (1978), a year before the Islamic Revolution in Iran, where he continued to operate on a much smaller scale.

Nezam Amery passed away on July 2, 2016.

1) Mehraz online architecture magazine, No. 3, 2013
2) Translated Farsi text to English by CAOI.

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