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Mehrdad Zavareh Mohammadi

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Architect, planner, project manager, senior architectural manager and legal adviser

Master of Architecture and urban planning from university of science and technology – 2001

Master of MBA from Tehran University- 2013

Born in 1976- Tehran

With more than 15 years of working experience


  • Managing experiences and professional consulting

Member of architecture and urban planning council of Tehran municipality

Member of technical committee of architectural competitions in Engineering Organization of Tehran

Member of young managers branch of Iran’s consulting engineers society

A member of board of directors, stockholder & manager of architectural planning in Asar consulting engineers since 1999 until 2013

Vice-president of board of directors in Part Shar-e-Ati company since 2005

Cooperating with various engineering companies and consulting engineering companies


  • Science and research experiences

Certification of FIDIC international contracts from international federation of consulting engineers (FIDIC).

Teaching physical planning in architecture faculty of Azad University –Tehran central branch.

Teaching architectural design in Azad University of Garmsar

Conference of “ New Image of Iran’s Architecture”, Shiraz, April-May 2014

Lecturer in second conference of architecture and tourism, Mashhad, May-June 2014

Lecturing and presenting topics related to architecture in universities of Tehran, Shiraz, Tabriz, Garmsar and Mashhad

Passing professional MBA courses in school of management of Tehran University

Passing courses of quality managing system2008: Iso9001

Teaching in workshops and courses of architectural planning and architectural design in Azad University of Haris in Tabriz and Garmsar

Teaching in Arman architecture and urban planning college during 2004 and 2005

Member of building engineering organization of Tehran with membership number 10-1-0-47547

Working license with number 0-10-100-11452

Guest professor in advanced courses of architecture and urban planning of old fabric in University of Sapienza in Rome, August- September of 2011

Guest professor in conference of architectural planning in Tabriz, November of 2009

Cooperation with national conference of city and sport, November of 2006

Jury of the architectural competition of “ a house for the year 2050”- Tabriz, April-May of 2009

Attending in advanced architectural course of Bijarke Ingels from Denmark, February-March of 2008

Attending in advanced architectural course of Bostjan Voga from Slovenia, April-May of 2009

Attending in advanced architectural course of Sahl Alahyari from Jordan, January- February of 2009

Attending in advanced architectural course of Bernard Gomer from Mexico, September- October of 2010

Attending in advanced architectural course of Jon Olav Jensen from Norway, April- May of 2011

Attending in advanced architectural course of Chris Bosse from Australia, January- February of 2011

Attending in advanced architectural course of Young Jun Kim from South Korea- January 2011


  • Presented papers and articles:


Architectural planning ,quantitative organization of functions for qualitative organization of spaces

Methods of feasibility study of projects

Transparency in architecture- a comparative study of IMP projects

The relation of artwork and architecture

The place of artworks in Tehran

Reviewing the process of Iran Pavilion competition for Milan Expo


  • The list of important projects that has been done as project managing, feasibility studying services & architectural planning:

Faculty of literature, economy and physical education of Orumieh University, 25,000 m²

Natural and mountainous park of Yasouj, 100 hectares

Mountainous park of Arak, 100 hectares

Commercial and administrative building of Parang in Asalouyeh, 15,000 m²

Tourist, recreational and commercial center of Javanrood, 30,000 m²

Residential complex of Kashan, 200,000 m²

International 5 star hotel of Qom, 120,000 m²

Library and central building of Yazd university, 15,000 m²

Saint Fatima and Amir Al Momenin gate, workshops and shops of Great Imam Khomeini chapel(Mosalla) in Tehran, 92,000m²

Reconstruction and renovation of Tabarsi context in Mashhad, 12hectares and 300,000 m²

Amin Abad Sample area of tourism in Rasht, 39 hectares and 240,000 m²

Central administrative building of Irancell in Tehran,3,000m²

Qom  Sample area of tourism, 100 hectare and 1,000,000m²

Faculty of pharmaceutics and health for University of Medical Science in Mashhad, 25,000m²

Sahra residential complex, Tehran,90,000m²

Amin commercial and administrative complex in Qom,35,000m²

Master plan of Vali’e Asr University in Rafsanjan, 300 hectares

Mahestan commercial complex in Tehran, 74,000 m²

Central building of Qom Municipality, 22,000 m²

 Traveling terminal of Bandar Abas,25 hectares and 10,000 m²

Soleimanieh free commercial, economical and industrial zone in Iraq, 700hectares and 4,000,000 m²

Central dome, Porch and Minaret of Imam Khomeini chapel(mosalla) in Tehran, 65,000 m²

Five star hotel and commercial complex of Nour Al-Mojtaba in Karbela, 60,000 m²

Twin towers of Mehr o Mah in Mashhad with collaboration with LAB company from Australia and England, 330,000 m²

Commercial and administrative complex of Persian Gulf inTehran,85,000m²

Soheil commercial complex in Tehran, 120,000m²

Basij commercial, administrative and hotel-apartment complex in Mashhad, 130,000m²

Parks of region 2 of Tehran’s municipality, about10hectares

Khayyam commercial and hotel-apartment complex in Qom, 85,000m²

Hotel complexes of Sinbad and Siraf from “1001 City” recreational and cultural complex in Tehran, 8,000m²

Residential tower of Nedaja with 42 floors, residential complex of Imam Reza, 115,000m²

Saeed international commercial complex in Sari,52,000m²

Commercial, administrative and multi-functional complex of Haft Maan-e Darya, Tehran, Saadat abad, 230,000m² with cooperation of SAMOO foreign consulting engineers and Pars-e Boom consulting engineers

Farmanieh commercial, residential and multi-functional complex in Tehran, 245,000m² with cooperation of Harekat-e- Sayyal Memari consulting engineers and Negin Shahr-e- Ayandeh consulting engineers


  • Related specialties:

Project managing

Providing engineering and technical contracts and compilation of  various descriptions of engineering services and international contracts based on FIDIC

Providing feasibility studies and ascertainable plans for projects

Providing technical and feasibility reports for various projects

Architectural planning for various projects

Providing and presenting feasibility reports for commission number 5 of Tehran

Providing proposal for expansion and explaining of  technical, partnership and economical projects

Running architectural competitions and compilation of technical and executive programs of the competitions



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