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Kamran Diba

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Kamran Diba (born 5 March 1937) is a prominent Iranian architect, residing in Paris, France. He is famous for designing the new campus of Jondishapur University in Ahvaz, the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Niavaran Cultural Center in Tehran.He was a visiting scholar at Cornell University.He is a cousin of Farah Diba, former empress of Iran. Kamran Diba was also an artist, although the number of works he did seems to be small. He attended Howard University in Washington, DC and did art for the renowned "Blackie" Auger, who was famous for his chain of restaurants and real estate fortune.

Kamran Diba, a native Iranian architect & planner, left Iran and his large practice called “DAZ Architects, Planners and Engineers” in 1978, a year before revolution. Since then he has worked in London and Washington D.C. and presently he works in Paris, and Costa del Sol, Spain. Diba is an Aga Khan Award winner. His work Shushtar New Town has been exhibited at the Venice bienal and in the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art’s travelling exhibition “AT THE END OF THE CENTURY”. He has served on international architectural juries and has lectured widely. 

As architect planner and cultural promoter Kamran Diba has created many innovative institutions in Iran, namely a museum and several cultural centers. As the architect and later funding director of Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art he amassed a sizeable collection of modern and contemporary art for that institution. His architectural work has a touch of vernacular. Although a modernist, he believes strongly in cultural context and continuity. Diba's work is focused on social interaftion and individual psychological experience of the built environment. He is the author of numerous projects; some of them are introduced on the following pages. Presently he is a member of Colegio de Arquitectos of Spain and has a local practice in southern Spain. He divides his time between Spain and Paris. Diba is also a painter and has had several one person exhibitions


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18. Diba has also written on social and cultural matters, which are not included in this list.


Projects in Iran

- Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
- Praying room
- Shafagh Park
- Mahmoud Abad summer resort
- Cultural Center Garden of Niavaran
- Shushtar New town
- Parviz Tanavoli's House

Projects in abroad
- Villa Costa Del sol
- Villa Espartina
- Simon's Villa
- Monticello





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