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Hossein Amanat

Hossein Amanat Hossein Amanat


Hossein Amanat was born in Tehran, 1942. He is best known for being the architect of the Azadi (Shahyad) Tower in Tehran, Iran, built in 1971. As a young graduate from the University of Tehran he won a nationwide competition in 1966 to design the Shahyad (the king memorial) Tower for the celebrations in honor of the 2,500-year anniversary of the Persian Empire, renamed to the Azadi Tower after the Revolution of 1979. When he won the competition, He was only 24 years old. During of university, he was at Heydar Ghiai's studio and then Houshang Seyhoun's studio. Hossein Amanat left Iran in November 1978.


- Azadi Tower (Former Shahyad Tower) - 1971
- Sharif University of Technology | Tehran
- Multi Functional building next to Alborz High school | Tehran
- Faculty of business management | Tehran
- The Persian Heritage Center

- Amanat Office | Canada
- Embassy of Iran in Beijing | China

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