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Catherine Spiridonoff

Catherine Spiridonoff | Iranian woman architect Catherine Spiridonoff | Iranian woman architect |

Catherine Spiridonoff, born 1968 in Tehran, graduated from the University of Science and Technology of Iran after receiving her Master’s degree in architecture and urban design; she is professor of architecture design at the University of Tehran. In 2004, she founded and established Fluid Motion Architects with Reza Daneshmir and in 2008 established the research enterprise of iRODE; she has since then been the Chairman Executive Officer and Executive Director; she is highly active in the fields of architectural design as well as management and supervision of the process of designing projects. Catherine Spiridonoff is an active member of AIA of America. Additionally, her research and designs are completed with the theme and concentration on psychology, nature and human needs. Some of her projects are Mellat Park Cineplex, Valiasr Mosque, Sepehr Tower, Jaam Tower, Ava Center, Golfam Office Building, etc. She has held lectures in Iran and Russia, and published different articles in international magazines and books. Spiridonoff has been awarded and received countless honors and awards during her career such as:

  • 2018 “World Architecture Festival” Valiasr Mosque Highly Commended in “Religion” Category
  • 2018 “World Architecture Festival” Tehran World Trade Center Shortlisted in “Commercial Mixed Use-Future Project” Category
  • 2018 “World Architecture Festival” Ava Center Shortlisted in “Mixed Use” Category
  • 2018 “Middle East Architect Award” Valiasr Mosque Entitled Community and Cultural Project of the Year
  • 2018 “Middle East Architect Award” Ava Center Entitled Commercial Project of the Year
  • 2018 “Architecture Master Prize” Valiasr Mosque Winner in “Architectural Design / Cultural Architecture”
  • 2018 “Middle East Architect Award” Tehran World Trade Center Winner in “Architectural Design / Tall Buildings”   
  • 2018 “Middle East Architect Award”Ava Center Honorable Mention in “Architectural Design / Commercial Architecture”
  • 2017 “European Foundation for Management Development” Management Noble Prize      
  • 2017 “European Foundation for Management Development” Diploma
  • 2015 “Middle East Architect Award” Golfam Office Building, Project of the Year
  • 2015 “Middle East Architect Award” Mellat Park Cineplex, Highly Commended
  • 2012 “World Quality Commitment” (held by Business Initiative Directions, BID, Spain) Golden Prize
  • 2009  “World Architecture Festival Mellat Park Cineplex Project Shortlisted in “Cultural” Category


- Mellat park Cineplex []
- Golfam Office Building []
- Pol-e-Roomi Office Building []
- Double Skin House []
- Commercial-Residential Complex (International Competition) []
- Ava Center []


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