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Behrooz Pakdaman

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Behrooz Pakdaman was born in 1949.
Master of Architecture; 1975, University of Tehran, Iran
Master of Architecture in Urban Design, 1977, Rice University, USA
Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, Azad University of Tehran



  • Design for  Youth Clubs in different regions of Iran, 1976

  • Design of Low Cost Housing in “Vavan”, Tehran,1985

  • Design of The Cultural Center of Togrol Tower

  • Design of a new town for the employees of Sugar Cane Factory in the south of Iran (Khuzestan)

  • City of Mashad’s Subway Station Projects, Honorary award



  • Provisional member of “OPPI” ( Ontario Professional Planning Institute), and Provisional member of “CIP” (Canadian Institute of Planners)

  • Visiting Critic in Design Review at the School of Architecture and Urban Design, University of Toronto, Canada, fall 2001

  • Chairman of Mehrazan Consulting Engineers, Architects &Planners, in Iran since 1988


  • “Housing and Low Income group”, Building and Housing Research Center, Ministry of housing & Urban Planning, 1975.

  • “Vartan Hovanessian, Architect”, an Introduction to Iranian Modern Architecture, Iranian Society of Consultants, 1983,

  • “ Three Iranian Architects: Hovanessian, Guverkian, Abkar”, article published in Ketaab-e-Tehran, No.1, 1992

  • “Notes on the Design of New Towns in the World”, article in Abadi Magazine, Numbers 8 and 9, 1983

  • “Movements and Trends in the Architecture of Tehran”, Articles Published in Ketaab-e-Tehran, Numbers. 4, 5 and 6, 1996, 1997

  • “ Creation of Forms in Iranian Architecture”, Architecture & Culture Magazine, first year - no. 1, summer of 1999

  • “ the Gadamgah Garden”, Article Published in the Book of “ Persian Gardens”, published by the Museum of Contemporary Arts, Nov.2004

  • Different other articles on Architecture, Urban Design and Urban Planning in different architectural magazines



  • Winning award for design of Youth Clubs in different regions of Iran, 1976

  • Winner for design of Low Cost Housing in “Vavan”, Tehran,1985

  • Jury member in the National Building Festival for the the Architectural Competition of Minimum Housing, 1994.

  • Exhibition of Architectural students last design-studio in M.Arch. Program at the Azad University of Tehran, titled: “Urban Design of Structural Spine for the City of Shahr-e-Rey, Tehran”, Tehran Municipality Gallery, Sept. 1995

  • Award for the Design of The Cultural Center of Togrol Tower (a historic tower of the 11th century A.D., in the National Building Festival, Tehran, 1997

  • Award for the Design of a new town for the employees of Sugar Cane Factory in the south of Iran (Khuzestan), in The National Building Festival Tehran, July 1999

  • Invited to participate in a limited International Competition for designing a Golf Club House in Dubai, Emirates, Sept.1999

  • City of Mashad’s Subway Station Projects, Honorary award, Mimar Magazine’s Architectural Competition, Tehran, Nov. 2005

  • “ Architecture and Urban Design Projects by Behrooz Pakdaman”, Individual Exhibition held by the Iranian Society of Architects in The Forum of Iranian Artists, Tehran, Dec. 2005

  • Nominee for the Agha-Khan competition on architecture-2007, for design of Mashad’S subway station project.

  • Jury Member in many Architectural and Urban Design competitions



  • “ A look at the Architecture of Iran and the world”, at the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning ,April 1992 and at the School of Fine Arts, Univ. of Tehran, 1999

  • “Experience in Design of New Towns” , Univ. of Tehran, Department of Urban design, 1992, and in a Seminar on Human Habitat, held at The Museum of Contemporary Arts of Tehran,1992

  • “ Trends and Movements in the Architecture of Tehran”, held in :

- Roshangaran Publishers, 1992,

- Center for studies on Tehran, 1994, 

- organization for Tehran’s Historical Studies, 1995,

- Iran History Publishers, 1997,

- Municipality of Shiraz, 1998

  • “Designing of Gol-Bahar New Town” near the city of Mashad, for Urban design students, Univ. of Tehran, 1993

  • “Interview of the Problems OF Architecture & Urbanism in Iran”, Hamshahri Newspaper, 1995.

  • “Interview on the subject of Urban-Design”, Abadi Magazine, No. 25, 1997.

  • “Design of Cultural Center of Toghrol – Tower” - Municipality of Shiraz, 1998.

  • “The Recent Scope of the Iranian Cities”, Municipality of Shiraz. 1998.

  • “Notes on the Iran’s Architecture of Tomorrow”, Center of Architectural Alumni of Univ. of Tehran, 1998.

  • “New Trends in Iranian Architecture”, in International Conference of “Modernity & Tradition in Architecture”, Dubai (Emirates), Held by the Architectural Review Magazine, 1999.

  • “In Memory of There Armenian Architects”, in ” Forum of Iranian Artists”, Tehran, Nov. 2002.

  • “Architectural Considerations in Structural Rehabilitation of Buildings”, in “Iranian Radio & TV Conference Hall” Tehran, Jan. 2003.

  • “Urban problems in the City of Tehran”, an Interview in “Iranian TV. Channel 4”, Tehran, Jan. 2003.

  • Presentation of “Latest Architectural Projects” in “American University of Dubai”, Lecture in Nov. 2004.

  • Presentation of “The Firm’s Latest Architectural Projects”, in “Professional Architects Union”, Johannesburg, South - Africa, Lecture in Nov. 2004.

  • Review on “Robert Venturl’s Speech in the World Congress of Architects in Istanbul 2005”, in “ Forum of Iranian Artists”, Tehran, Oct. 2005.

  • Interview in radio Farhang (Cultural Channel), on “ City Scape” , Tehran. 2007

  • “The Architecture of Tehran in 1970”, Lecture in “Forum of Iranian Artists”, Sept. 2007.

  • Lecture in the “Seminar of Contemporary Architecture of Iran” in “Forum of Iranian Artists”, Oct. 2007.

  • Presenting " The architectural Projects In the International Symposium of Interior Design and Architecture in New Delhi", India, April 2008

  • Presenting " The Urban Planning and Urban design Projects in the School of Architecture and Urban Design", University of New Delhi, India, April 2008.

  • Presenting “Retail Entities in Urban Design Concepts” in the 3rd Annual 2A Architectural Magazine’s International Conference. “Boutique City: Design for Sale”. Dubai, Emirates, 17 November 2008



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