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Haftkhan Restaurant





Name: Haftkhan Restaurant

Location: Shiraz, Iran

Architecture Firm: MIA | Mehrdad Iravanian & Associates []

Architect in Charge: Mehrdad Iravanian

Date: 2010

Total Floor Area / Built Area: 3104 sqm

Client / Owner / Authority: Mr.Mohammad Hossein Hasanpour

Structure: Mr.Salehi

Mechanical-Electrical-Lighting: Mr.Rezvani

Model & 3D studies: Mohammad hosein Bahmanpour

General Contractor: Mr.Akbar Ghoreyshi

Site & Construction Supervision: Mehrdad Iravanian

Sub contractors  company: Gostardeh fars lifts  systems Company ,Vesta door(automatic door)  Company, Air conditioning  systems Company  (air handling Unit), Kar & Andisheh  Company(cooling  tower)

Photographs: Suzan Iravanian


The infinite body of layers endure the notion of singularity and all known property which usually depict the wholeness that consumed by act of coupling of time shared elements. The elements of no conclusion and therefore no absolute placement, embedded in regularity of time in motionless embryo of solid. The core is irrelevant horizon, hence the layers slows the progression backwardness. The physiognomy of solid is unobservable and infinite. The fantasy of physiognomy of solid is processed either thru recalculation or reflection of wave.

The reflection of borderless realm undermines inner self, and acclaims the presence of a generation as a consequence of sustainable blackout. This type of observation reveals an anti archeological, pro organic point of view in a way that if the criteria for prime artifact is the typology of identical form to extend that wholeness of it preserves even within the context of concave and convex immediate layers, in contrast to theory of organic which even skeptically approves the meaning of location; mainly because the placement totally depend upon the physical forces of others which maintain the locus between zero to infinity.

So the dependence of organic form and the continuum of it within the context develop. This type of relaying on the density in accordance to locus can be trace in general attitude of liquid. Penetration means resistance of one couple and the movement of the other. But where all couple in solid are nomadic in a time ware structure, the recognition of hierarchies is harder the matter.  Thus the form of culture is under the title of anti hierarchical and anti placement. All references to physiognomies the culture is a tendency to facialize it.

However the face is not between zero and infinity mainly for existence of horizon; this horizon reveal the enclosing and negation of the rule of in between which is the fundamental principle of solid. But by accepting the face coupled with low density with no immediacy one can explain the middle without face and consequently the same old rule of no face. The divulgence of layers is the attestation of none facial none halt situation. This statement is reference to physiognomy of culture without horizon.  

Change of scale: by the change of quantity the direction of quality toward the new frontier of existence and modus operandi and potentiality alter. Having in mind that this conversion is based on the hegemony of vectors on existing coordination in quantity will lead to the quality with new dimension. For instance the change of scale of container and mutiny of contain to proportionate up to new capacity simultaneous to the process of modification will end up to chaotic proliferation. This disorderly state depicting the none coordinated spatial temporal expansion of contain and container. The container by change of scale manifesting new dimension of quality, meanwhile the contain to consummate the new proportion should mutate in either direction of scaling.

Unilateral growth of one will end up to disorderly formation of the other; which bring alone the new locus that the assemblage of them seldom conclude to experiencing the disorder and will end up to intimate experience of single elements of content which driven from inner potentiality of incapability of not becoming a whole that is hidden in single element. However there is an eternal encounter between the proportion of contain and container where the contain negation via the full capacity of container.

At this point the horizons come to existence, and the container regardless of its prominent potential will establish. This change of meaning from being a part of a living unit to a represent able autonomous entity without any mediator happened. At this state the definition of capacity accelerate toward more complex mechanism of other kind in apparatus relation. The biological contraption for autonomy of its component necessitates mutating. 

This none returnable mutation leads to the new autonomous proportion; and reveal a complex form of a cavernous sense of existence of stratum, and cryptic mechanism ,which don't  have any relation to the solidity of culture,manner,and  infinite memory of existence. The recent form doesn't bear the ultimate complexity within, but to encounter the immediate horizon seeks the complex delineation: the complexity of newly arrived mutated machine, which imposing itself to intolerable environ. At this point, one should consider the involvement of obstacle definition in environ, and further more in phenomenology of culture and ultimately to coupling which intending to activate the" in process". The obstacle which dominates the presentable virtual and parallel force that stubbornly confirm the ever changing, clotted, none consequential cordless form.



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